Design/Build Remodeling – At DuKate we do business a different way.

You may have experienced remodeling before. Perhaps you took your concepts and ideas for a room addition to your favorite architect and he drew up some nice plans incorporating all of your greatest dreams. Next, you called a notable remodeler to begin the construction process only to discover that your dream was not affordable or anywhere near the budget you had hoped to spend. So you go back to your architect and the re-design begins. This can be a very frustrating, overly expensive and discouraging way to remodel.

IMG_9088At DuKate, we begin the process in house. We have designers, estimators and the skilled craftsmen needed to produce your project. In fact, the entire remodeling process is controlled and coordinated by DuKate from initial client contact to final clean up.

Step 1: We begin by meeting with you over the phone to gather as much of the pertinent information as possible. We appreciate your assistance with us at this stage as it sets the remodeling foundation for you and begins to set up the process for a smooth sailing project.

Step 2: DuKate will meet with you onsite to assess design and feasibility options

Step 3: We help you to develop realistic product selections to stay within the financial range you have already decided to spend.

Step 4: If you wish to proceed to the design phase we present the design contract that will detail the financial commitment involved.

Step 5: The DuKate designer develops the design within your specified budget range.

Step 6: We meet to review your design and adjust the design or approve the design as is.

Step 7: Approved design will then be converted into a detailed scope of work for a specific amount of money presented in contract form for you to approve or reject. Since the design was based on your budget and designed in partnership with you, this should hopefully be the final stage before construction.

Step 8: Construction phase

In other words – you tell us what you want to spend and we help guide you into a realistic range of choices that will fit within that investment amount. We ask you to share what your top priorities are, what you “have to have” and we design around those items. It’s your design, your financial investment.