Kathy Shertzer

Image of Kathy Shertzer

As the Client Consultant Dukate Fine Remodeling, Kathy schedules appointments for Mike and builds great relationships with clients. Kathy is on her second tour of duty at Dukate Fine Remodeling. She served as Office Manager before joining with a partner to turn a food avocation into a popular restaurant in Franklin. Now dedicated to Dukate Fine Remodeling and enjoying her son, daughter and five grandchildren. Kathy still manages to find time for quilting, reading and contributing to the life of her church.

Guildmaster with High Distinction

Guild Quality awarded DuKate Fine Remodeling the Guildmaster with High Distinction in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Dukate Fine Remodeling

Top 55 Quality Leaders

DuKate Fine Remodeling was named one of the Top 55 Quality Leaders by Guild Quality in 2010.

Better Business Bureau Ethics Award

The BBB awarded DuKate Fine Remodeling with the 2007 Ethics award.


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